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Creative Casual Fare for the Entire Family!

It is with much thought and consideration, 3 Squares Café has decided to cease all food and beverage operations until further notice. We appreciate all of the support during our experimental takeout/curbside delivery period, but the economic reality is that it is not viable at this time. With the current health crisis and a major Main Street paving project starting April 1, our management team unanimously agreed to take a break. We will be back, we will be there as a community gathering space, and everyone please rest assured, this is not goodbye but simply a see you later. We love all of you more than you know, this community is our everything, and we promise to serve you again.

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Welcome to 3 Squares Café! We're serving up casual and creative cuisine three meals a day, seven days a week. Located in historic downtown Vergennes, we welcome you to bring the entire family and enjoy a meal in our eclectic, comfortable atmosphere.

Noted for our dedication to cooking from scratch, serving generous portions, and supporting local producers, we have been pumping nourishment into the heart of the Vergennes community and those who visit since 2007.